Discharge Platforms and Applications

All our products use the Surface Structure Imaging Velocimetry (SSIV) method which allows non-intrusive, optical flow measurement without the need of tracers on natural rivers, irrigation, and waste water channels.


This system continously measures level, velocity and discharge. It consists of a camera, a processing and a transmission unit.


Optical system for continous water level measurement.


The DischargeApp allows to measure the discharge with a smartphone. No need of data connection, all calculations are done in the smartphone


After stabilizing the image sequences taken from UAV's, we can apply the SSIV alogrithm to obtain the surface velocity.


With this software it is possible to process any video recorded under defined conditions and with known reference ground control points in the view.


Visualize and manage, users, stations and collected data from the DischargeApp and from the DischargeKeeper

Under development

We are continously working on new methods for enviromental monitoring, below are some of them.

Turbidity monitoring

Image-based system for continous turbidity measurements on streams.

Pollution monitoring

Using of multispectral illumination to monitor parameters like disolved oxygen, nitrates and phosphates.


Low-cost and modular hardware for image processing.

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