About us

About us

photrack AG was founded as an ETH Spin-off in January 2012 by Dr. Beat Lüthi. Beat Lüthi was associated with IfU, the Institute of environmental engineering at ETH Zürich. The hydromechanics group of IfU, now led by board member Prof. Markus Holzner, is specialized in turbulent flows and 3D particle tracking velocimetry.

Over the last five years photrack has developed a fully automatic webcam based river discharge measurement system in collaboration with the hydrological section of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). In collaboration with FOEN, ETH, Hydrosolution and SDC the system has become mobile and can now also be operated with smartphones.



Beat Lüthi

PhD. Mechanical Engineer

Salvador Peña-Haro

PhD. Hydraulic and Env. Engineer